Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Course overview
    • Workplace information
    • Workplace survey
  • 2
    What is COVID-19? And how does it spread?
    • History of COVID-19
    • COVID-19 spreads easily
  • 3
    Screening of staff and learners on arrival at school
    • Preparation for screening learners
    • How to screen staff and learners
    • Instructions for scenario quiz
    • Scenario quiz
  • 4
    Safety at school
    • Make safer choices to protect yourself and others from COVID-19
    • Sick? Stay home
    • Stay home if unwell
    • Maintain a safe physical distance
    • Social distancing video
    • Wear a cloth mask
    • The DON'Ts of cloth masks
    • Cover your cough
    • Management of respiratory secretions video
    • Ensure good ventilation
    • Wash hands often
    • Correct hand washing
    • The safer choices of good hygiene in practice
    • How to travel to and from work/school using public transport or car pooling
    • How to transition between home, work/school and back again.
    • How to keep the classroom safe
    • How to make staff breaks and meetings safe
    • How to make bathrooms safe
    • How to make break times safe times for learners
    • Feeding schemes
    • Process to follow when learners return
    • Instructions for scenario quiz
    • Scenario Quiz
  • 5
    What to do if a staff member/learner screens positive for or contracts COVID-19
    • Introduction
    • Managing exposure and infection among staff and learners
    • Case scenarios of exposure and infection among learners
  • 6
    Occupational stress
    • Occupational stress
    • Managing learner stress
    • Identify occupational stress
    • Care for your mental health
    • Support your colleagues
    • I am stressed, now what?
    • Top tips
  • 7
    Guidelines for learners with disabilities in the context of COVID-19
    • Introduction
    • Guidelines for Learners who are deaf and hard of hearing
    • Guidelines for Learners who are blind or partially sighted
    • Guidelines for Learners with Autism
  • 8
    • List of additional resources
    • The following documents are available in English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa
  • 9
    Thank you
    • Thank you
  • 10
    • Feedback
    • Feedback
    • A reminder and a suggestion...